Hey guys,

I am having some trouble extracting a bootable iso, adding files to it, and then burning the iso back to a bootable CD.
The main problem is that I am doing this all in Ubuntu and do not have access to the internet on that PC so I am doing it all through the command line.
I am using mkisofs and cdrecord to do this.
I have a PHLAK Linux live CD and I just want to add some files into it.
I can mount the iso file, add my files to it, then unmount it back to an iso file but when I burn it, it is not bootable anymore. So I looked more into it, and everywheres says to burn it with a bootable floppy, so I made a bootable floppy, and burned it with my files. However, when I boot from the CD all I can see is the same thing that the bootable floppy could and I canít see my files unless I donít boot off the CD and mount the iso image again.
I think all I need to do is somehow extract the bootable sector from the PHLAK CD and when I mount the iso back together I need to embed that sector in there to?

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.