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    Exclamation WinXP doesn't Bootup after RHL installation


    I've got a problem loading my WINXP,

    After installing the Redhat Linux 7.2 (GRUB, on MBR) on my Pentium 4 1.6GHz system, which already run WinXP sp2 beautifully, the GRUB menu list appears, when I choose RHL 7.2 everything runs fine, but since the Installation of RHL, my WINXP does not load at all, and it gives this message with a blinking cursor,
    "Booting Win xp
    rootnoverify (hd0,5)
    chainloader +1

    I have tried to change the "(hd0,5)" to "(hd0,1)" , and/or adding the "makeactive" line, none of which worked, here is the system hda and grub.conf detail,

    I would appreciate any help (Command, link, hint, anything..)
    I would not like to Re-install my RHL and it's virtuall almost impossible to re-install my WinXP, nevertheless let me know what you think,

    Thanks in advance,

    ###/// This is my hda

    #fdisk -l /dev/hda

    Disk /dev/hda : 255heads, 63 sectors, 7299 cylinders
    Units = cylinders of 16065*512bytes

    /dev/hda1 * 1 2168 17414428+ 7 HPFS/NTFS
    /dev/hda2 2169 5993 30724312+ f win95 Ext'd (LBA)
    /dev/hda3 5994 7168 9438187+ 83 linux
    /dev/hda4 7169 7299 1052257+ 82 linux swap
    /dev/hda5 2169 4081 15366141 7 HPFS/NTFS
    /dev/hda6 4082 5993 15358108 b win95 FAT32

    ###/// This is my /boot/grub/grub.conf

    #grub.conf generated by anaconda
    #Notice: you do not have a /boot partition...
    #kernel /boot/vmlinuz-version ro root=/dev/hda3
    #initrd /boot/initrd-version.img

    default = 1
    timeout = 10

    splashimage = (hd0,2) /boot/grub/splash.xmp.gz
    title RHL 7.2 (2.4.7-10)
    root (hd0,2)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.7-10 ro root=/dev/hda3 hdd=ide-scsi
    initrd /boot/initrd-2.4.7-10.img

    title win xp
    rootnoverify (hd0,5)
    chainloader +1

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    where is WinXP? In /dev/hda6? or /dev/hda1?

    If it is /dev/hda1 you put (hd0,0) in grub.conf
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    Quote Originally Posted by saeed144
    /dev/hda1 * 1 2168 17414428+ 7 HPFS/NTFS
    if Windows is in hda1, rootnoverify (hd0,0)

    Quote Originally Posted by saeed144
    /dev/hda5 2169 4081 15366141 7 HPFS/NTFS
    in case, its in hda5, rootnoverify (hd0,4)

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