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    failed to load DOS?

    Im very new to all this so please try and bear with me. I downloaded the ISO images with bittorrent, burnt the cds at a slow speed (4x) making sure to select the ISO and bootable disc options, and when my computer attempts to boot from the cd, I get a message saying "DOS failed to load, press any key to retry". When I press any key, the machine is restarted, I go through the BIOS post, and arrive at the same point again. The cds appear to be good according to checksum, so I have no idea what else this could be. Oh by the way, my system is running windows xp, and I properly partitioned the drive, leaving some unpartitioned space for fc6. Does anyone have any ideas of what this problem could be caused by and/or any possible solutions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    So I take it no one has any suggestions?

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    Try downloading again. I had a similar problem with ISO image, and an incomplete download. The file size was right, it burned, (I think I checked some checksums, I'm not sure though) but it did not boot, and then I realized I burned the wrong file (the incomplete one).

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    A common misconception with ISO burning is that you should burn the disc with the bootable option. This is not necessary and in fact will harm your attempts. An ISO is a complete disc image so all you need to do is burn it as an image, it will look after the rest itself.

    Try reburning the discs as images and see how you get on.

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    Thanks guys, I will give that method a try this evening and let you know how it goes.

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    Ive burnt about 7 more copies of disk one, and one of those actually got me into the linux install setup. I ran the media test and unfortunately even that disk had errors and wouldnt install correctly. I dont know what else could possible be causing this problem. Could it have to do with the cd-rws? My CD-RW drive? Ive checked the checksums, used bittorrent, downloaded regularly, etc. Im not sure what else to try.

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