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    Greetings! A small problem...

    I just installed RedHat 8.0 3 days ago. I set up a dual boot system, and have booted to the evil gates system for only an hour or 2 to play Battlefield 1942 the whole time. Linux rules over windows...

    My problem is one that I have seen others post about but I have yet to find a solution. That of the Radeon 9700pro. If I could get that working properly i could then let RH take over and format the diseased gates drive. As I play fewer and fewer games anyway, what is available for linux suits me fine. But I have to get my 3d working.

    Whenever I try to start a game requiring 3d, the game takes off and runs, but the grafix go to horizontal lines. I know the game is working properly as i can usually find the right key combo to tell the game to quit, even tho i cant see. I can also here the games sounds. I have tried to update the driver using the one off the ATI site and one on the installation cd. Whenever I reboot the system, RedHat comes up to what I assume is an ASCII error screen, but the text is garbled and unreadable. It then takes me to the command prompt. Being new to Linux (Dos 5.0 oldtime vet tho) i haven't yet figured out quite everything, but am 'rediscovering' the command line, but I have re-installed RH several times in my trial and error processes

    If anyone has found the fix for the 9700pro it would be greatly appreciated if you could post how to do it.

    Asus A7N8X
    512mb pc3200
    Netgear FA311
    Soundblaster Audigy
    LSI U160 SCSI Adapter
    IBM Piranha 15k drives

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    I really can't tell; I don't even have an ATi card. However, the guys at XFree86 might be able to tell you more. Join the users' mailing list at

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