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    Installing from within Linux (using instlux)

    Burning a CD is out of the question, my CD writer is ageing and any and all attempts to burn the CD image has been fruitless.

    So, I've been investigating ways to install Ubuntu from within Windows (XP), and I've been intrigued by instlux. And luckily, I've gotten as far as into the Ubuntu installation screens.

    But then it tries to find the CD-ROM with the image on it, and, because I was using instlux, the CD-ROM was the thing I was trying to avoid. A Google search says that loads of people have had success with it, but I don't know how; I don't know what people have done at this point (there's no tutorial).

    Do they somehow get the installer to find the file which is within Windows? If so, how? How do they then install it without it being burnt on the CD?

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    did you look at this page
    it has a faq for ubuntu....
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    I did yeah, that's where I found instlux. But the linked page was a little confusing and lots of things went over my head. A simple explanation would be perfect.

    (Whoops! Just realised a mistake in the post title, should read: Installing from within Windows!)


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