Have both on separate hds, but as a noob I fsck'd up my lilo bootloader - mbr on a previosly installed win hd.
Tried to add the 9.2 to the 10's lilo using the mandrake contol center gui. 10 boots ok and I assume the solution is simple,
but I lack experience in this, and I think I'm in over my head.

Still w/ me? Read on.

The mbr on the now removed win hd had (I assume) the 9.2 image for booting, and so I need to put that image
somewhere to put it in the 10's lilo.conf, right? I thought I had installed the image on the disk w/ 9.2, but can't see
it anywhere. Can I load it from the cd? Tried the rescue options on 9.2 cd 1, but no joy.
Help! I need some handholding here, starting simply.
Would like to move from ms completely, and it took me awhile to get 9.2 where I wanted/like it, so would
like to keep it until I can get 10 up to snuff. (could take me weeks w/ my schedule)

I found this


and related, sure some of it applies, but not sure how in a dual boot situ like this, and much fruitless searching
has revealed much on dual booting win & linux, the techtutorials site didn't work for me.

The system:

older dell 4100
733 p3
4 gig hd mdk 9.2 install hdb
120 gig hd mdk 10 install (new) hda
usr modem