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    what about the other versions

    Thanks a lot is a great site
    I will use it to download at least RedHat 7.2

    But by the way what about the other versions available here with me

    Slackware is 8.1

    and corel os well just like slackware is the only one version available

    they are not secure?

    And why not use red hat 6.0 is unstable or unsecure today?

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    RedHat 6.0 is ages old. Newer versions will work better, look better, and be more secure.
    Anyway, I think RH 7.2 was when they incorporated Nautilus into GNOME. Nautilus is why I recommended 7.1 for you. There's nothing wrong with Nautilus for newer computers, but it will probably devour yours. All this is if you go with RedHat, of course.
    These other ones, though, like Corel, rock linux and easeware, I haven't even heard of. The best is probably to try something a little more "standard", so to speak, or you might find yourself in trouble with noone to help you.

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    it also depends on how much you just want to "jump in" to linux. If you have no problem reading the documentation, and spending time setting it up (so you can play on it indefinately) maybe gentoo/LFS is the way to go. But that is a tall order for someone just starting. I would suggest RedHat/Mandrake until you reach the point that you feel comfortable enough to do a LFS/Gentoo install.
    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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    to dolda

    thanks I appreciate a lot your attention, I'll follow your advise, I'll download redhat 7.1, soon (I hope)

    Just giveme time, because is a little big the iso's
    I hope soon I'll give you news

    I appreciate a lot your posts

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    to wassy121

    :o LFS/gentoo install ?
    what is that?

    well I'll also follow your post, I'll use red hat
    firs I'll download redhat 7.1 then you'll have notices of me again

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    I hope today I'm going to begin to download red hat 7.1
    I search gentoo, is a linux version is in't it?, but LFS/ I still don't find what it is?

    There are a program to know if the downloaded iso is like the iso in the ftp site? where can I find it?

    I did a temporal installation of red hat 6.0 in my laptop and I find the next problems:
    I can't find the right drivers in linux for: modem, audio,

    The mouse works very good, the screen well doit not well but I get a good gnome desktop, with problems because some windows was bigger than my monitor.

    Already I uninstalled red hat 6.0 because I hope RH 7.1 helpme to solve it better

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    With 163mhz cpu, I wouldn't even attempt to install lfs or gentoo. Take WAY to much time compiling your system. I suggest debian since its easy to use and doesn't take up much space.

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    to genlee

    Good Idea, if we are in matter
    wich debian version do you suggest?

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    Jan 2003
    Lebanon, pa
    Debian 3.1(sarge)

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    Modem Armada 1560 Series 560 CL

    I am having troubles to install my modem,
    is Compaq armada 1560 series 560 cl

    also with
    ES 1878 Plug and Play audio drive WDM
    from ESS technology

    And how I should mount my Ethernet pc Card from Aprotech and my card bus to usb from macally
    both are PCMCIA

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