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    LFS is linux from scratch. Where you compile everything that you put on your computer. This is what I have, and I haven't downloaded any binary packages in the last like 2 years. This makes your system a bit more configurable, and sometimes easier to find things, but it also makes handling dependencies longer and more involved. Sometimes a configure script will check for something, and not find it, and you didn't even know that it had more features if, say, xforms was installed. Or something like that.
    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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    I'm afraid that modem might be a WinModem. They're not always easy, or even possible, to get to work with Linux. Run lspci and see what it says about it.

    How far have you gotten with the sound card? What happens if you try to use sndconfig to configure it?

    You should just have to insert those PCMCIA cards, and the hotplug scripts should configure them for you? What happens if you insert the network card and then run "ifconfig -a"? What makes you think that the USB card doesn't work?

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    Excuse me I am newbie, What is Ispci? I am going to look for it now but I don't know what is it.

    I have the same problem with sndconfig

    But I'm going to work now in this I'll sendyou notice soon
    any way please tell me where I can read how to use sndconfig an ispci I will read it

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    Using lspci an sndconfig? Just start a terminal (be it an xterm, gnome terminal or text mode terminal), type it in, and press enter. It's really as simple as that.

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    Bad news,
    I just come back to home and I find something called Kernel panic
    init not found

    (Im triyng wit mandrake 9 in this laptop) and I used the CD to try to rescue my sistem ( because I'm still doing tip tap toes my linux system was combined with win98 -to listen music and internet use-)

    but I did not get good product the rescue system says that cannot fix boot and the partitions are corrupted..... I gues I am going to start from the begining completely,

    This laptop needs a little diagnostic partition (compaq) that is used as bios. Incredible isn't it!? Well all this problem (I guess ) was because I used a cd burner (windows) and I installed software last night and burned a CD with info downloaded from internet well I don't know,
    I am really frustrated I installed previously corel linux here in this laptop and just was stable by 24 hour ( and the little diag partition was not installed) before that I installed red hat 6.0 with gnome 1 and was really bad ( I guess because of gnome1) well, I am still triyng to downloas redhat 7.1, I hope a friend install an ADSL internet conection soon.
    well what can I do to avoid inestability in kernel?

    By the way fonts look awfull in my laptop there are some way to fix it?

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