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    i found a great program for booting from a cd

    for almost a year i have been unable to boot my laptop from a cd-rom because it is an old ibm think pad from back in the day (a 760xd to be exact) and i even tried to update the bios, witch did update it but did not include cd-rom boot support. this sucked because i could only have either a floopy or a cd-rom not both at the same time, so putting linux on this peice of old crap was impossible. i now have the solution:

    this frickin program sbminst.exe (for dos, there are also binaries for linux avalible on the site, im not sure about source) rocks it installs a boot loader either to a floopy or your master boot record, and will allow you to the boot from a cd, floopy (which you can then from the floopy install on the mbr from the program its self, mulitple partions, and it even keeps your old bootlaoder and gives the option to boot that. i installed it on my laptops mbr with the command:
    sbminst -t us -d 128
    and this put the thing right into place (though you may need to d/l the other file too: cwsdpmi.exe its the support file and will let the ther file run under dos if you get errors running it alone. instructions on the site) i love this thing it allowed me to boot my linux cd's and get rh8 running on my laptop with no problems. its great for old laptops particularly and comps that dont woulnt boot from a cd. i left it inplace after getting linux on too, cause the linux grub bootloader woulnt boot a cd either. this prog rocks!

    i hope you guys find it as useful as i did.

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    Moved to installation section, and made sticky as this looks useful.

    Thanks for posting


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    i thought it was moved

    i came to see if any one commented and it was gone, lol. thanks. i hope some one puts it to good use, i did.

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    Guys you can try XOSL.
    Its stable, I use it since a year or two.
    i.e. Smart boot manager is the thing it uses in back end for booting a cdrom/floppy.
    XOSL has a great interface!
    You are the one Linux!

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    can you give me a link man?

    i'd love to give it a try.

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    the link you specified doesnot work...
    Linux For Ever!

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    sorry about that

    heres a link to the main directory, you can dl it from there

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    Re: sorry about that

    Pick this SBM floppy:

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    intallation of redhat linx 9.0

    Hey i am facing deep deep problem in installation of linux redhat 9.0

    I dont know what the problem is ? Everything goes well during intallation. All hardwares are correctly detected.
    But when the welcome screen is about to appear for the first time the screen goes blank. and then nothing appears. and nothing happens.
    i have tried with both text and grahics installtion but with no avail.

    my video card is S-3 Graphics ProSavageDDR

    Please help me!!!!!

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    Computer fails cdrom boot

    I recently picked up a cdrom of Ubuntu linux, to try an install on my old computer. i have the bios set to boot from the cdrom first, but as soon as it tries it reboots itself. I also tried booting from a SuSE 9.1 disc, and this would start the SuSE bootloader but give an error message.

    I was wondering of perhaps there is a bootable floppy available somewhere that would then boot my cdrom. I have checked the ubuntu site ( and did not see what I wanted

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