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    I Only Have 64 MB RAM - Any suggestions ??

    Hello !

    i'm just trying to install linux Redhat Fedora core 6.
    I've a Dell Dimension XPS R400, with
    Pentium II 400 MHz, and 64 MB system RAM.
    And I have downloaded the installation for "i386"
    series, because I'm assuming that i have a 32-bit processor (??).
    Anyway, my installation was a failure
    because I got the error
    "Fedora core could not install because there is insufficient RAM"...

    So I was wondering, is this possible ? Isn't 64 MB ram enough for a
    linux install ?

    And if so, then can anyone please recommend me a Linux distribution which
    I would be able to install on a computer with only 64 MB of system RAM ?

    Thanks ahead for any feedback,


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    Damn Small Linux

    One option that you may be able to look into is Damn Small Linux. I have not tried it, but the goal of the project is to allow minimal resources to be able to handle Linux..(i.e. not a lot of RAM).

    A Quote from the Web Site with the requirements states:

    Run fully in RAM with as little as 128MB (you will be amazed at how fast your computer can be!)
    I am not sure that I should have recommended it considering that I haven't used it personally, but I just wanted to inform you that it is out there in case you are looking for it.

    You can find more information on it, and the project here:

    Keep in mind, though, as the newer distributions come out, the requirements become higher. Using an older distribution of Linux might be your best bet.

    I looked into the requirements for RAM:

    Minimum Recommendation:
    Fedora Core 5: 192 MB Graphical / 128 MB Text
    Fedora Core 4: 192 MB
    Fedora Core 3: 192 MB Graphical / 64 MB Text

    So, you may be able to take advantage of Fedora Core 3, if you still want to stick with it, but maybe there are some other distributions that others might want to suggest.

    Good luck.

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    Ram for that system is damn cheap, i would just go get a new set of sticks, and throw them in...the RAM will help...and it won't cost you more than 20 bucks.
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    I second that. Ram is to cheap not to get all you can.

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    thanks a bunch, people. yeah i guess I'll just have to upgrade the ram...I was actully thinking about it, but then I reconed that with 400MHz processing speed my computer wouldn't know what to do with 128 megs of ram..hee heee...


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    I still use my 400mhz machine, it has 384megs of ram though. I would say more memory is probably more important than processor speed even though 400mhz is a bit low.

    Debian would work with 64megs but would be better if you had more of course!

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    You might want to try Xubuntu, it's meant for lightweight systems. They say it can run with 64 MB ram once installed, but you will have to opt for the alternate installation CD, because the LiveCD needs 128MB of RAM.

    As the others have said before, better get more ram... 128 MB shouldn't be very expensive.... and IMO it would be worth it.

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    Vector Linux, Zenwalk and FreeBSD are all modern OSs that don't require modern pcs to run them well.

    I also rec them because they use old fashioned text installers instead of extremely resource hungry live cds.

    If you end up wanting to try the zippy Xubuntu, I would rec you downloading the alternative cd, it is a text installer instead of a live cd.

    In terms of live cds DSL and Puppy might be the only ones you can run.

    Okay one last option for running a modern OS on a dated computer, but a bit harder: gentoo. If the system is built for your computer only using what you want it to use it will run fast. But I think that you will get decent performance from the OSs I mentioned above anyway.

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