Linux Users,

Ok I have been looking at several Distro's that I wanted to try on my Desktop Machine before putting on my Server and to no Avail I haven't been able to get them up and running on my Machine due to several conflicts such as Video, USB, Dual Core, SATA.

HEre is the Setup that I have right now and I would like to know what do you think is the best Hard Drive Partitioning for what I want. I haven't used Linux in a couple years so I'm a little behind on the times if you will.

AMD Sempron 2800+
512mb Ram
40 gig IDE
200 Gig SATA (x2)

Now I have DyDNS so I can forward traffic Via the Address that I have with them so I would like to make a small FTP to host some files so I can access outside of my Network. I would also like to do Egg Drop for hosting some files on IRC and a small Webpage with MySQL to mess around with.

For the FTP I have files that I want to be able to access those via the Website *HTTP* and all the Egg Drop XDCC Server and FTP. So I was wondering how I can do this via partitioning for this. Most Linux's use 3 Partitions of:


I was wonderinf if that is the best way going but since I have all my files on the 200 Gig the 40 Gig will be only for OS. How would/should I mount the 2 Hard Drives to make them usable for FTP/HTTP/Egg Drop?