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Thread: SAMBA

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    Hi All,

    I have a 2 PC LAN with Redhat 8 acting as a router for my w2k Pro box. Now they both have access to the net and as far as I can see it is set up correctly. I can ping both boxes with IP but not names. I don't have a dns server up as yet get to that later. What I am having issues with is, yes you guessed it, Samba. I have been using SWAT and I am close I can feel it. From my w2k Pro box I can see the Samba server from My Network Places. When I click on the icon I get a error - "\\server is not accessible The network path was not found" Also from SWAT on the "STATUS" page there's nothing under "active shares" is this right? Though I would see my shared directory. I did add Samba users that matched users on my w2k box. ANy ideas as to why I can't access the share?
    Thanks in advance.


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    okay, you can't ping by name because you don't have the DNS set up. Without that it won't happen. Try to access your linux box from itself, see if there is some problem with the samba server. It seems that the nmb server is started (that is why you can see it in the network places), check to see that smb is running (with `ps auxww | grep smb`). If this is the case it might be that the firewall is refusing connections on port 139. Try `netstat --tcp | grep 139` to see if there is a LISTEN going on. This is the best I can tell you right now.
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