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    SuSE XP Dual Boot from Scratch

    Hello everyone. Im finally forcing myself to dive into Linux. I've attemped it a few times but never suceeded. Unforutunatly its not going well, yet.

    I decided to go with SuSE 10.2. My pri master drive is a 160gig and i only had 50Gb formatted for XP so i elected to let SuSE divy up the rest of it as it saw fit. Installation went fine except when it got to the point to install GRUB, i got an Error 23: Error while parsing number ( i think). I tried to get it to install but i got the same error each time. i finally said no, dont try again and the system finished the install and restarted but i was apparenly left with no boot manager and unable to do anything. I messed around for most of the day before giving up completely and dumping everything. I have all my data on the slave drive so im currently low level formatting my main drive with samsungs own tool.

    Id like to ask whats the best way for me to partition the drive? Id like to dedicate about 50gigs to XP, another 50gigs for Vista, and the remainder for SuSE. Please let me know exactly how i should format the drive, what should be primary partitions, what FS, etc etc. I have Kubuntu 6.06 live disk that someone gave to me and said should work to do that partioning.

    Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to joining the Linux community!

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    Here is an excellent install article. I have XP, Vista and Kanotix. To make things easy, you need to install in that order.

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