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    Question Portable USB Hdrive but shifts location

    First up I must say: Long time reader, first time poster

    I have found heaps of great resources on installing linux onto a USB Hard drive and done it no problems until now...

    On my primary PC the USB Hdrive is detected as /dev/sdc (as I have two other SCSI disks sda & sdb for Windows)
    The problem is when I use the USB Hdrive on my secondary PC the USB Hdrive is detected as /dev/sda and then fails to boot. (Its assuming sdc)

    Now my question: Is there something I can do with either LILO or GRUB that is dynamic to the booting of the USB Hdrive?

    If it matters I'm running OpenSUSE 10.2.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hmm sort of what i'm trying to do rite now...
    for the kernel's root option, instead of specifying root=/dev/sdx, you could try root=LABEL=label-of-your-disk or root=UUID=uuid-of-your-disk. Does that do anything for you?

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    Thanks for the help there...

    Ill post my experience with what you have helped with.

    Pretty much I installed opensuse with all my drives disconnect but the usb drive.
    I used grub as my loader and just did a normal install.

    Once everything was running I updated my fstab with instead of /dev/sda i used UUID=and my uuid.

    After that I edited my /boot/grub/menu.lst in the same way using root=UUID=the uuid of the partition.

    I didnt edit anything else, I plugged in my other drives which then become sda and sdb and it worked

    Im guessing this part but I never changed as when you boot from the usb drive in your bios it gets priority then for the bootloader and can be seen as (hd0,1)


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