I normally run openSuse 10.2, but recently have had a need to install windows. I obtained a copy, and installed it. To my knowledge it installed successfully.

I at first had problems, but managed to get grub reinstalled, and linux to boot fine. I thought that I had the GRUB entry for Windows correct, but maybe something small needs to be added.

I wanted to use the GRUB Bootloader to boot both linux and windows. It seems like it should be working now but it isnt. When I boot linux, it starts fine. When I boot Windows, it starts to load. I see the first Windows Logo with a blue progress bar below. Then the screen goes blue and just says Welcome, and that is where I get stuck. It will sit there forever and never load. I have tried reinstalling on that partition with no luck.

Does anybody have any idea why Windows is getting stuck in the boot process. I know that I read somewhere that in the GRUB cfg file, sometimes you might need to use the MAP command for Windows, which will trick it into thinking that it is the first partition? That was just something I heard, but I dont know.

I appreciate your time.