please excuse my ignorance, as i am just getting under way with redhat 9. it is my understanding that it is a good practice to have each filesystem (e.g. /, /boot, /etc) on its own logical volume, and have each of these volumes controlled by an LVM, in order to be able to control thier size.

in such a case, i am looking to figure out a couple of things.

1 what kind of sizes should i use for each of the volumes. a lot or all of them need to be different sizes. i am going to be installing the OS, PostGreSQL and MySQL, Apache, SSH and maybe a few other server packages.

2 all of the reading that i have done on LVM does not give any information on how to have each of the volumes controlled by an LVM. do i need to create an LVM then a VG and PV before the / filesytem is put into place? maybe more clearly... does the LVM have to be in place and configured before installing the filesystems?

3 is this an exercise in futility?

thanks to all