Hi again!

Strange thing, these live boot CDs

First, I'd like to ask- if I have managed to install FC3, is there a point doing FC5 as well? I think its got more up to date software, right? It's also supposed to be easier, but mine is aweful I want to have a go anyway.

Problem is, when I put in the DVD, it comes up with the main menu thing to choose installation type, or pass direct commands to the kernel thru 'Boot:'.
No matter what I try, it gets stuck. I mean, I can see it trying to start, it has a black screen going, running thru the parameters and checking stuff. It always finds a problem (same one) and goes: BUG: blahblah, a whole screen full of stuff that doesn't make sense to me... Sorry- that probably doesn't help you much!

Anyway, it only does this with FC5. Ubuntu worked and FC3 did too. When I tried to build a Virtual Machine with the same FC5 live boot DVD (Parallels Workstation software), it got past all that, I did all the manual work to det it up, and then it hanged on the 'starting installation. this may take several minutes...'
But the point is, its not a faulty DVD, it works. I just need to figure out what to do with it in a real dual boot thing. The VM wasn't working properly cause I could only have a max of 96MB RAM, which is ridiculous

Well, any help is always much appreciated...

Thanks for your time,
Bye now