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    Is this the correct partition strategy for a database?

    Installing Linux 7.2 for an Informix database.

    I have installed Linux 7.2 on a IBM xseries 235 server. The server
    has 5 scsi hard drives and uses a raid hardware controller.

    I have set up raid 5 with 3 of the hard drives and raid 1 with the other 2.

    All applications will be on the raid 5 array (sda). The database will
    be on the raid1 array(sdb). Here is my partiton strategy.

    sda1 100M /boot
    sda2 10000M /
    sda3 10000M /var
    sda4 49000M extended
    sda5 27000M /usr
    sda6 2000M swap
    sda7 10000M /datalog

    The"/datalog partition" is for the database log files.

    sdb1 17300M /opt

    sdb1 is for the database.

    How does this setup look? Any suggetions?

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    I am not sure how long back you want to keep logs but you can always free up / and /usr and add it to your log paritition. Both will not need that much space. My /usr is only 13GB and that is including my 8GB of music on it. Also remember that is on a desktop which will have a lot more installed into /usr then a db server. Also what filesystem are you going to use? I generally use XFS on a database server which is going to have large databases.

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    Silly question, but wouldn't you want the os/apps on the RAID 1 for redundancy, and the DB on the RAID 5 for I/O rate?

    Presumably they are all the same size drives, so you would have the same amount of drive space on either RAID.

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