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    Red face Live CD- can I save stuff?

    Hey, everyone!!! Happy New Year to all

    I got a real beginner question. If I run a live CD (in my case Astrolinux, which is Knoppix based, and I think also Damn Small Linux too), and I want to save stuff in my workstations, will that work?

    Personally, I'd prefer to have a real partition and install it properly, but no matter how hard I try- it hangs on me. I googled the last line it says, and another guy had the same thing happen to him... Its coz the software is not official- more like a beta trial thing. Developers are offering no help there. Oh, well... Can't have it all, right?

    Anyways, so if I use it as a live CD which just boots into Linux, will it (and how can it if it has nowhere to save?!) retain the data for the next time I use it? Not sure, really...

    Cool then- plz post a short yes or no (it is holidays after all, I feel aweful waisting your time ) if you know the answer.

    Thanks heaps, guys!

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    The Mepis live CD has that capability. They call it "OnTheGo," and it saves stuff to a USB flash drive so that you can carry the flash drive and live CD anywhere and do your work on any PC that has a CD-ROM drive and USB port.

    Other distros probably have it too, but Mepis is the one I've personally seen.
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    Haven't come across this in any of the live CD's I've used (Ubuntu and Fedora). The whole point of them, in my opinion, was to let you try the OS without having to deal too much with your hard drive. You might want to try Knoppix, as it was one of the first distros I had heard of that let you use a live CD and might have some more advanced features.

    Just out of curiosity, which Live CD is it that you're using that you'd like to save data to?

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    puppy linux

    puppy linux can save files back onto a cd-rw (or just add a session to a cd-r). DVD-RW and DVD-R are also supported. I love this distro. just be sure you select the correct key-map. I chose azerty by mistake (instead of qwerty)and it REALLY messed me up

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    If you have the ability to do so you can create a fat32 partition on the machine which both Linux and Windoze can safely and reliably read and write too. A better option is probably a thumb drive. You can mount either each time you load the CD.

    What is coming soon to Live Linux CDs I think from all the requests is the ability to modify the ISO image and reburn them with customizations such as specific mount points.

    A third option is to create an ext3 partition on the machine. Not sure about that particuler distro but most live CDs come with gtparted or qtparted. Either should safely be able to resize the NTFS partition and give you room to add an ext3 or if you want to use the same files from windoze a Fat32 partition. Just remember to save files in a DOS format or Windoze will scramble the formating. Linux uses a software return while windoze uses a hard return. The difference is end of line is two chars for windoze, one for Linux. So windoze won't recognize any end of lines unless you specifically save in DOS formating.

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