I am new to Linux, although have had exposure to UNIX as a user (no admin or installation experience).

a7n8x-E Deluxe
AMD 2500
scsi cdwriter

I've been trying to install fedora on the ide drive, but get a CRC error message then a system halt error message. I got the similiar problem when istalling XP when the CD drive went missing, but was able to manually select where to find the files during the installation.

I've successfully installed fedora on the same ide disk with the same installation cds on a different machine with no problem.

I then plugged the ide drive into the other machine and got the OS working, as I only need limited functionality for what I am doing. However, I was unable to mount the CD drive so couldn't install the drivers to get the network running or install software.

Is it possible to install fedora from the ./ directory from the ide hard drive in a similar manner that windows can be installed from the same place as it is installed. This would then negate the CD drive errors the appear to scuttle my attempts of installing the OS.

Any suggestions how I can get fedora installed?

Thanks in advance David