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    Hello this is my first time trying Linux and I'm trying to setup up a dual boot on my laptop with Windows XP and Kubuntu Linux.

    I boot up my computer, go into the live desktop, click on install and answer all the questions. My problem comes when it asks me to partition my drive. i have a 40Gb drive with windows on the whole thing in ntfs. when i try to resize the partition to have 15Gb of free space my computer pauses for about a minute than comes up with an error message saying
    Filesystem check failed!
    Is there anyway to fix this or partition my drive another way without losing windows?

    From what I've seen so far Linux is a great OS and i hope this doesn't keep me from being able to install it.
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    Run Windows XP built in file defrag utility and then run "chkdsk" (check disk) by right mouse clicking your hard drive icon and selecting the option then reboot. Once both are completed try installing Kubuntu Linux. You shouldn't have an issue resizing the Windows XP NTFS partition unless the selected size for the partition is less than the installed files. Windows XP Professional needs a minimum 1.5 GB for the OS but you may have third party software and files (photographs, music, etc) installed.

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    download GPartedLiveCD and burn its .iso image to CD. boot from it and resize Windows Partition. GParted is one of the Best Partition Manager and its Latest Version has NTFS read/write capability too.

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    thanks to both of you but unfortunately dark_knights idea didn't work so im in the process of burning the gparted live cd. i sure hope it works.

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    The program said that i have at least one bad cluster and to do the chkdsk thing again!
    it didn't work!

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    I did the disk check thing again and defragged it and it worked YAY!!!!!
    I'm so happy
    cant wait to start using linux
    Thank you all

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