Hi, I have a number of related questions:

(1) I have a multiboot system with WinXP, Ubuntu Edgy (6.10), Debian Etch, and one another distro. At present I have a separate "/home" partition for some of these, but I have read about a more elegant solution which I would like to implement. I want to mount a separate 'ext3' partition to where I can move the contents of the "/home" directory for each linux distro. When moving the "/home" directory I would rename it which would result in a partition with, for e.g.: "/homeUbuntu", "/homeDebian", "/homeLinuxOS1", "/homeLinuxOS2". After this, the idea would be to remove the "/home" directory from each of the OS's and then use a 'symlink' ("ln -s"), naming it "home", to replace the "/home" under each OS "/", and which would point to the "/homeLinuxOS1/user_name" folder, for e.g., with all the config files on the separate ("home data") partition.

Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have any advice? I actually have this working for one distro.

It seems to me to be a nice solution to having many partitions (i.e. dedicated to a "/home" partition) as well as allowing for easy adjustment of partitions (adding, removing, changing) as well as installing upgrades and/or new distro's (given that the linux release cycles are currently at 6 months, or more frequent). I moved from micro$oft and my experience with Debian distro's has been excellent and I like to keep them running, or try new releases from time to time, without having to lose all those config files!

(2) Where would be the best place to mount such a partition (as described above)?
"/data" (i.e. a custom mount point in the file system), OR
"/mnt/data", OR
"/media/data" (in Kanotix for e.g. I could only get this to work under "/media/..")

Does it matter where the partition is mounted?

(3) Related to messing around with reinstalling distros, how can I reinstall grub efficiently? I know of two ways: (i) use the LiveCD installation, (ii) boot from LiveCD and use the console to run: "grub" > "root" > "setup".

I want to be able to restore a full image backup of the distro "/" partition and then reinstall grub so that it automatically lists the other bootable systems. Should that be possible, or do I have to edit the "menu.lst" anyway? [Note, I have grub installed to the MBR with on (hd0) with WinXP on (hd0,0)]

Sorry for the long post, but the issues are related. Thanks to anyone who can give me any ideas...