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    Dynamic Drive Overlay

    Im trying to install linux to dual boot with windows 98. My motherboard doesnt support hard drives above 33Gb and there are no bios upgrades available to solve this problem so i have Dynamic Drive Overlay from Western Digital installed to allow Windows to regognise the full 120Gb. Iv tried several times to install linux and although it seems to copy files (whenever i attempt to re-install it recognises that it should be an upgrade) however when i restart after installation windows just boots as normal and i cant find a way of booting to linux, does anyone know what i should do differently during installation? Cheers.

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    Hm. Where on the disk have you installed Linux? On what partition?
    Are you using LILO or GRUB or another boot loader?

    Have you changed the MBR using any of the above programs?

    Your problem is probably easily solved,
    but some information on what partitions you have on your drive and
    where what is installed would help.

    And the 33 Gb thing could be a bit of a problem too,
    but I don't know anything aboot such (right now)


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    Im not using any linux bootloader that i know of at the moment, the linux installation doesnt detect my existing windows instalation and doesnt give any of the options that the documentation says it would give to create a boot menu. I haven't to my knowledge changed the MBR with any software.

    As for partitions, the custom partitioning option in the instalation shows a first partition called ezdisk, a windows partition which is only 4mb and i assume is the dynamic drive overlay partition which boots at the moment. It then finds a partition filling most of the rest of the drive which according to the legend is simply 'other'.

    The auto allocate seems to assign root to one of the smaller existing partitions (I'l check this next time i attempt a re-install). It then assigns the main partition to the 110Gb partitions which althought appears as a non windows partition, i know is where windows and all my existing files are stored.

    Linux does find several Gb of free space on this drive if the use free space option is used and appears to copy files because when i attempt a re-install, it changes the option to upgrade. When i recently re-partitioned the drive i made sure 30Gb was not partitioned for future attempts however im not sure what else i should change as this did not seem to have any effect.

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