Are there any drivers to use Maxtor 3200 USB Hard drives on the PS3? Even if i have to use it exclusively for Linux, i really want to be able to do this, as long as I can still add/modify files in it using windows(My PS3 does not automatically recognize the USB Drive, for some reason...All i really want to use it for is to play mpg and avi files, but seeing as how YDL uses a substantial amount of my PS3's memory I really don't want to install it and not have space for anything else...Thanks for helping a linux noob out...BTW, What are the best applications to play mp3s, mpgs and avi files on linux? or does it come with it-I haven't even installed it yet because if my USB Drive doesn't work in my ps3, then I honestly don't want to use up it's memory with another OS that i really don't use...Thanks again!