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    BAD PARTITION with debian 2.0


    i am trying to install debian 2.0 but as soon as i get to initialize swap partition screen i get an error reading: "FATAL ERROR: BAD PARTITION".
    It wont recongnize my partition and i dont know what to do....I am also running windows xp FAT32 and maybe it might have something to do with it but not sure.

    Also another question....can you boot up linux with CD or flash drive since i dont have a floppy drive on my laptop and dont really want to boot up from harddisk.

    Can anybody help?....


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    download the gentoo live cd it is very good for trouble shooting your system you can use it to do anything taht any linux distro can do (particularly you can install gentoo with it:))

    What method are you useing to install debian? also.. do you actualy have a swap partion? If so how did you create it? the commands to make a linux swap partion are as follows:

    fdisk /dev/hd** (** is the disk letter - a being primary and b being secondary)

    make your swap partion and make sure it is of type 83 (or 82 cant rememeber exactly) write the partiton table and then do:

    mkswap /dev/hd** (again the disk letter and this time the number of the partion you are useing as swap)

    then do:

    swapon /dev/hd**

    Hope that thit is what you were looking for!

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    i havent created any partitions yet....i only got windows xp partition and unused space about 5 gigs for linux...i am booting from CD ....i thought the cfdisk will create swap and linux partitions...i used fdisk to create FAT32 partition for windows xp and also create unused space for linux

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    most linux install disks offer a rescue mode (type 'linux rescue' at boot: prompt) which boots up a linux kernel ( not the linux on ur system though) and allows u to mount your root partition. It also provides you with basic utilities like fdisk and fsck to create and repair filesystems.

    However u could try an .iso for a linux distro called Knoppix available at This distro boots up completely from ur CD offering u a fully functional( a tad slow, but that doesnt matter here) linux working on ur box ( Assuming it supports your hardware).

    Hope this helps
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