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    CDrom error, wasnt present until new case purchased

    I recently treated myself to a new case (pc7 Lian Li) I got the shop where I bought it to install my old system as I am crap with hardware.

    Since I recieved it back I have been having difficulties with the CDroms

    I have a DVD and a Liteon CD-Rw. Previously I had no difficulties reading from these drives. Now I am having trouble reading CDs, even tho the system is running at an average 40 degress, so no chance of over heating, it is 20 degrees less then my old case.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what may have caused it as my partner and I are at a loss.

    I am finding it most apparent when under Redhat 8.0 I am installing or trying to add packages, most especially with the 2nd CD. I downloaded the ISO images from the Redhat Mirror site in the UK.

    Thanks for any help


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    Could you try and get to the point where it's failing, and then check the end of the file /var/log/messages for any errors that the system has emitted? The easiest way is to run tail /var/log/messages as root.

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    Thats the actual problem.

    My (daft) boyfriend pulled the plug on my system instead of his so I am re-installing, I can get disk one read, then it either freezes or refuses to accept boot disk 2.

    I have been having this trouble while re-installing Windows, when trying to boot from cd it was saying that it couldnt read it (I have always booted the same way and never had any trouble).

    I eventually got Windows running (mostly due to the fact that it is one disk) but now have trouble with RH8.

    I just wondered if anyone knew of a quick fix, I think I am going to have to take it to the shop, because it just isnt acceptable, the computer was fully functional when taken to them, since I got it back I have had a lot of difficulties, including a new AMD XP 1800+ not working when my BIOS and motherboard are compatible.....

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    open it up and check the connections. It might not be completely plugged in, which would cause intermittant errors. Also, try turning your bios back to default values if you messed with anything (besides booting from cdrom that is)
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    To be honest, I can't even think of a problem that could be related to a case switch, even less of a quick fix for it. The only thing I can possibly think of would be that the power supply is unstable, but then again, I don't really know a quick fix for that either.
    The easiest way to solve it is probably to take it to the shop.

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    I cant really take it back to the shop as it is intimittant and knowing my luck would work fine when they test it

    I am going to have a look at the bacles later today when I am not tired.

    Just wanted to say thanks though for all the help you have given me

    I have got both GNOME and KDE installed now, and I have managed to install some software (I was pretty pleased, its the first time I ever did anything like that before), I installed Imici, BlueFish and a program called TreePad that I use on Windows for storing notes etc.

    So once again, thanks very much!

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