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    Automatic Debian/Ubuntu Installation (Etherboot, Kickstart, DHCP, ...)

    Hi all,

    I have a very specific situation.

    I'll explain it:

    I have an unused computer which I want to install Debian or Ubuntu on.
    Now, I dont have any keyboard, mouse and monitor on it(I know how easy it is to take it from another computer but I really want to try it without one ).
    I do have a CD-drive.
    THe Computer is in an already existing network, so there is a DHCP server(I can't make changes to the config of it).
    I can't go online without Cisco VPN client installed(No, vpnc or what is it doesn't work)

    I searched on the web and found some possibilities.
    - PXE (with Etherboot): this looks very interesting. But I have to configure TFTP and I need to change the DHCP config(Am I right?).

    - Kickstart: I use kickstart on RedHat. I just have to copy the dvd image contents to a webdir and then at the bootprompt tell where the kickstart config file is. I read ubuntu also uses kickstart. But can I change something so it automatically starts the installation with the kickstart config file(hardcoded on a CD-rom)?

    I also need to create a debian/ubuntu mirror. And that is alot of work too and I don't have already a debian/ubuntu install running.
    I wondered if it is possible to just copy the contents of the installation DVD to a webdir (I do this with RedHat, and then only have to specify the kickstart script at the boot prompt)

    Help is very very apreciated
    I searched alot of the web but I get a bit confused.

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    created a local mirror with the dvd files.
    Just copied them to a webdir (http://hostname/)

    Then used the mini-iso to boot the pc where it should be installed,

    used a preseed file and changed the mirror to the local one.

    PS: first tried with Kickstart, but this wont work, I cant select several categories of packages.

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