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    I'm taking a Linux class this semester and our books came with a DVD and a CD. The CD has DSL on it and works well on the computers at school. I tried it on my machine today and hardly anything works. I have a Pentium III, 733 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 9GB of space, and I'm runnning XP. The computer at school has 2GB of RAM, runs XP, has 2 HDDs (both 40 GB I think), and I don't know about the processor but it's hella faster than mine. It shouldn't take much to run DSL, so I can't figure out what's going on. Any help?

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    Speed is sure not an issue (it can run on like 16 mb ram). Do you have some odd hardware? What do you mean hardly anything works?
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    When I right click and click on something, nothing happens. I clicked on the Control Panel and it took a looong time to come up. I clicked on Firefox, the CPU spiked, then gradually dropped again.

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    try running whatever isn't running from the command line and see if any errors occur
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    I'm very new to Linux, so how to I access the command line?

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    look for konsole or terminal in Menu and click on it. a command windows will pop up. type firefox and press Enter key. post error message here, if any.

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