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Thread: Boot Disk

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    Boot Disk

    Im a newbie to linux and having had various problems persuading the bootloader to work, id like to know how to manually installer a bootloader such as LILO or Grub and how to make a linux boot disk without going through the whole installation process. Cheers.

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    If you want to edit LILO simply open a text ediot and edit /etc/lilo.conf

    About bootdisk I am not sure, but I am sure you will be able to find something if you go to Google and search for <your distro name here> bootdisk.

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    You can find some good info on creating boot disks here:

    And to help you set up grub, you gotta read this:
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    thanks, im about to try installing GRUB because i dont think that it installed at all when i installed linux, because of the computer booting from a very small (4mb) partition which allows my 120Gb HD to work with my motherboard. i wasnt sure whether this meant i should select a different option when it asked me where to install the bootlader?

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