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    HDD Error Interfering with FC5/6 Install

    I had FC5 running on my PC for last last 4 months, then the other day the computer froze so I hit the power button to turn of the computer. When I turned the computer on again, I got an error

    "<0>Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task!"

    I couldn't get the PC to go past this on startup. I tried putting in my Knoppix CD, it just stops on a black screen and doesn't load. I tried formatting the hard drive twice, once from the manufacturers software (which it did format the drive, it claims, and then it checked it and didn't find any errors) and once with some other software. I also wrote zero's to the drive once.

    I tried to install Win 98. I got fdisk to format the drive, but it would not install, it just gave me a hdd error.

    I tried to install FC5 and then FC6, but neither will install. The CD boots, but when you try to use the graphical installer or the text installer, both error because they try to access the kernel and they stop at the message I posted above.

    How do I stop this message from appearing? Is there a way to get Fedora Core to install and not try to read a kernel? Shouldn't the old kernel be blown away if the hdd was reformatted, especially if it was formatted three times?

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    Lets isolate one problem at a time.

    If your Live CD knoppix boots to a blank screen it is most likely to do with a mismatch of the video driver. This will be the case if you get a terminal back by pressing ctrl+alt+backspace.

    If several operatiing systems refuse to install then either you hard disk may have a read/write hardware problem or a corrupt partition table.

    I think in your case the easiest is to try a few more Live CDs because if the hard disk has a corrputed partition table the Linux terminal program "fdisk" can still read it and can be used to delete the trouble partitions making it acceptable to the operating systems. A hard disk with a corrupted partition table is an outcast and OSs are nervous to touch it. That is all.

    If you can manage to boot up a Live CD Linux and the hard disk could not be read then it could be a hardware fault and your disk is on its way out. A hard disk is a consumable item with a guaranteed number of fixed running hours. If it is interrupted during a read/write operation by a power failure then the damage may accelerate.

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