Hi All,

I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction. What I have done is created a private mirror using rsync then used NFS to make the files available on the local network. When I used an older bootable DVD (FC4) to install via NFS, I get a error message of "That directory does not seem to contain a Fedora Core installation tree." The NFS share is accessible as I was able to mount this share from another Fedora box and able to browse through it.

Is it possible to install from an NFS share where it does not contain ISO's? Am I missing a file that the NFS setup is looking for? Do I even have the correct directory structure?

The directory structure is as follows:

+-- linux
+-- core
|-- 6
| +-- SRPMS
| +-- i386
| +-- os
| +-- Fedora
| +-- SRPMS
| +-- images
| +-- isolinux
| +-- repodata
+-- updates
|-- 6
+-- i386

The entry I have in exports (I don't think this is a problem as I mentioned earlier I was able to browse the share):

# Directory Hosts(options)

I don't see any errors /var/log/messages:

Feb 3 23:47:12 continuum3 rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request from for /home/fedora/linux/core/6/i386 (/home/fedora/linux/core)
Feb 3 23:50:01 continuum3 crond(pam_unix)[28919]: session opened for user root by (uid=0)
Feb 3 23:50:02 continuum3 crond(pam_unix)[28919]: session closed for user root

Thanks for your help.