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    Quote Originally Posted by ibanex22
    also, has anyone gotten sleep/standby working?
    Perhaps this can give you a hint or two :
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    xmodmap -e "keycode 204 = Pointer_Button3"
    xkbset m
    Thank you! This works grandly. I had to apt-get xkbset, and I don't quite understand what it is doing here, but no complaints. Now I can use my screen corners for something else .

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    Quote Originally Posted by dranorter
    My internet is still malfunctioning somewhat, but it seems I can usually fix it just by opening and closing KDE's wifi manager.
    ....try KNetworkManager

  4. $spacer_open
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    openbsd-inetd error

    In case it's still needed, this is what's worked for me so far regarding the openbsd-inetd error. Type these commands into the console:

    # /etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd stop

    # dpkg --configure openbsd-inetd


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    right click

    i have ubuntu on macbook i use a three finger tap on the mouse pad for right click

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    hi there,
    i am not totally sure if the question on the "right-Click" on a mac is already answered, but try

    ctrl + fn + click
    --> should give you the right click menu.


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