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Thread: Mac BIOS

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    Mac BIOS

    I am on a PPC, a mac ibook G4 to be precise. How would you access the BIOS from a Mac to change the boot device priority. I want to load a live CS copy of ubuntu but need to change it so that it boots from CD.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I was very confused about this at first too. In the control panel, there is a 'startup disk' setting you can change to a CD while the CD is in the drive... but it could be difficult to change the setting back, because even if you eject the CD before restarting the computer will refuse to start up from the hard drive.

    Instead, hold 'C' down during the restart to start from the CD. Also, I hear one can hold <tab> during startup to choose between devices; but I haven't tried it. If this is true, it may be possible to change the boot order with the 'startup disk' setting and still be able to get into OSX. I wouldn't risk it.

    Either the space bar or the mouse button ejects CD's during startup; its been a while...

    I do not know why the instruction booklet doesn't list these startup keys. There may be more.

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