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    Grrrr i hate widow help me install linux

    Okay here we go I have been fighting with this issue for a week straight. I am running windows xp pro and I have a linux xp, and mandrake, I want to install one of them, but I cant. I have 60 gig hd and I have paritition 20 gigs of it now when i go to us the liinux xp I cant open anything on the installer disk, but yet the fourth, library disk works great. So I was fed up with it and now tried mandrake, and I go to install, and it goes to reboot my computer and when it does it tells me to choose which config prophile and there is only the one and it boots back to xp pro. With the Linux xp I think it needs a boot disk but I do not know which fiiles to include on it.

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    If you need to know how to make a boot disk for linux xp, have you looked on the linux xp homepage? I cannot read russian so cannot tell you if the information is there or not, but i guess that would be a good a place to start as any.


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    well there is one small prob with that I dont read russian but yet the program runs english, so I dunno what to say, perhaps if i were to rap of the files in the linux program install file would that help


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    One thing you can try is Babel Fish - . used it with some succes before.

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    my suggestion would be to go to the bios and set the hd detection to manual. save it and the computer will automatically boot onto the cd-rom drive allowing you to install a new operating system very easily. However u gotta remember to set it back to automatic so you can use your hard drive heh. the hd would be under primary master under ad cmos options in the bios(or one of the others dont remember exactly were it is at the moment but ive done it before heh) and set it to manual.

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    Finally some help, thanx solo I will see if that will work, I think it should.

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