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    hard disk not detected


    I have upgraded my CPU, and tried to install Red hat9 on it. But it displayed me a message the the hard drives could not be deteted and installation can not be continued.

    I even tried with FC3 , but it got stuck in a more recent stage detecting APCI and PCI Bus 0 and did not moved further.
    Same was the case with ubuntu.

    My configuration is as under.

    Hard Drive:Hitachi HDS721616PLA380
    Motherboard :Intel D946GZIS with Pentium D processor

    Shud I download the new version of Linux?
    I was able to install both red hat and fedora on my earlier configuration but not able to
    Pls help

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    Well you did't tell us that you have switched from a Pata disk to a Sata disk but we still tell you that older distros like RH9 and FC3 donot support Sata.

    Try FC6 as I got it inside a Sata.

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    i dont get you.....
    I have a pata does that mean FC6 will also be of no use?

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    According to the Internet information your disk "Hitachi HDS721616PLA380" is a 160Gb Sata.

    RH9 and FC3 will not recognise it.

    If you have a Pata too then both distros can see the Pata, but you have already confirmed having been able to install distros into the old disk.

    So which part you doesn't get?

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    this one is also availabe as pata..the one i am having

    initially i was not having a pata disk.....when both distros cud b successfully installed on to my comp.

    I have changed my HD too while upgrading...and now i have one single 160 Gb pata disk.... so what do u suggest it cud not detect my Hitachi pata disk

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    You have to come clean on this one because you put the disk in right? Nobody know better than you.

    You must know that the new 160Gb disk is a Pata or a Sata because you bought it yourself.

    The Internet information seems to suggest it is a Sata but you keep saying it is a Pata.

    Did you use the same ribbon cable to connect the current disk?

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    yeah sorry... u r right...i have chkd ..i have sata .

    SO u think...i shud dwnld FC6

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    It is your personal choice.

    Most recent distros can be installed and booted from a Sata.

    You are playing with RH9 which is the last free Red Hat available. Fedora succeds Red Hat and is now version 6 but you are still hanging on to FC3. I believe you can get RH9 and FC3 to recognise Sata if you are prepared to compile a new kernel with the Sata support built into it. For my money I find it more expedient to work with a more mordern distro because there are other hardware issues too.

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