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    Multiple .Nix OS's

    Hey all I am new here and am extremely new in the world of linux. I am self teaching myself the different versions. Heres my question how many partitions will linux recognize?? I would like to put redhat, yellowdog, gentoo, suse, mandrake and some of the others on my pc's second hd so that I can learn them.


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    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    There's no limit AFAIK on how many dualboot systems you can have, other than what free space you have on your harddisk, so go ahead and try all the distro's you want

    Good luck

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    Cooooooooooooool.... I will be doing 6 distros then i have a 40 gig hd so thats 6 gig for 6 woohoooo.


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    I remember a Maximum PC article where they put like 37 OSes on one box. Most of them were a *nix flavor. So I concur with Kriss on this one.
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    Cool deal.


    Ty so much, go ahead and lock this. My question is answered.

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