First a description of my system :

MotherBord : EliteK7SA
CPU : XP1800 13
Ram : 2x256Mo DDR
HDD : Maxtor 30Go Master on IDE-0 (BIOS)
Maxtor 40Go Slave on IDE-0
DVD : Sony Master on IDE-1

On the Maxtor 30Go HDD I have :
a 6Go partition (ok in english??) for Windows 2000Pro
a 4.9Go partition with a Redhat8 ("/"->2.5Go and "/home" 2Go and "swap" 400Mo).
and the last part is in Fat32 for work ....

I want to pass to Mandrake 10.0 instead of Redhat8.

I 'm Trying to boot on the first CD and it launches the first steps ...
But after a little time, it stops ... At this time I did not make any choices ....

A DOS like page tells me :
"I can't access a Mandrake Linux Installation disc in your CDROM drive (DVD-ROM DDU1621). Retry?"
What is strange is that it has already succeded in booting on it ... Because the installation as began ...

Here are somme extracts of the logs ...

  - mounting /dev/hdc on /tmp/image as type iso9660
  - have to insmod isofs
  - needs isofs
          succeded isofs
  - mount failde : invalid argument

- opening /proc/cmdline
  initrd = cdrom-ch.rdz ramdisk_size=128000 root = /dev/ram3 acp1=ht vga=788 BOOT_IMAGE=vmlinuz
- got 6 args

- spawning a shell
- cannot open shell - /tmp/sh doesn't exist

  - needs cdrom
  - beeds ide-cd
          succeded ide-cd
I don't really know what is significant ...

Hope You can help me!

I should say that I already tried to boot with the second CD ...
With a Floppy pointing to cdron.img also ...