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    RedHat 9 Wont install

    ok i got the install cd's burnt properly onto three cd-rw's (rw's cause i kept getting buffer underrun on all my cd-rs n ran out) the install boots up off of the cd no problem but the install wont pick up any of the cd's.


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    I have never tried it with a CD-RW. If the CDs are not in a drive that cannot be read 9of they are CD-RW, they have to be in a CD-RW drive). If thats all OK, did you make sure your BIOS make your DC-ROM the first to boot?
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    the drive is a cdr/rw drive n the cd drive is the first boot but same problem.

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    could you clarify a bit?
    the install boots of the you are past booting?
    and what happens next?

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    i think he means it loads the installer but wont find the cd's when it tries to put stuff onto hard drive, right?

    have u tried using
    "dma=off, pci=off" as extra parameters when it asks u to type isntall or something.

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    a guy on the irc told me to type bbd or something when at the boot interface, n it said that i dont have a kernal. i dont remember exactly it was a few days ago. what does that mean? do i need to fix it and if yes how?

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    it could be the download was cruptted, it happened to me with fedora, i had to download cd 1 3 times before i got it right and also your media (cd) could be to blame if it's the cheap stuff

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    the check sums....check....out, im not exactly sure what that means. im pretty sure that would mean that they are not currouped. am i wrong?

    n ive been re downloading constantly n alsways the same result.

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