On my S.u.s.e system i am trying to install the driver for my Hollywood Magic Plus DVD decoder card, i have found a website on sourceforge explaining the process http://dxr3.sourceforge.net/howto.html but i need the file rmquasar.vxd off a windows installation, they say in the em3000 folde runder scripts there is a perl script to get this file from the drivers i can download from sigma designs, since i am a newbie i do not have a clue, and the installation process is very difficult to undestand because it is far too long, are there any more guides available which put the process into shorter steps and also has any one got the link to a site where i can download rmquasar.vxd or if someone has it (windows 98 version which is located it C:\Windows\System ) if you have the same card please could you send me it