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    how to unistall linux

    i was wonderin how to unistall linux off my system... i got winxp installed aswell and when i format the partition where linux is, it would just take me to grab thingy when i reboot and wouldnt let me to win xp

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    It isnt possible to uninstall an Operating system, be it Windows based or Linux. The only thing you can do is either upgrade the Operating system or format the partition containing it. When you format the Linux partition, you are obviously left with the Grub/Lilo loader which wouldnt allow you to access Windows.

    All you need to to, is to flush the MBR back to its original state.

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    On windows 98-style you use "fdisk /mbr". On xp etc, you use the fixmbr tool.

    Just delete the partitions using eg. cfdisk and let windows take the new free space. But why do you wan't to get ridt of GNU in the first places?

    Good luck

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    thanks... its back to normal now! :P

    the reason i wanted to take linux off is cos i dont have time to mess round with it now cos gotta do loads of coursework for college and stuff. so gonna do that during summer

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    also you can delete the partition by using the winxp disk or a linux cd and just don't let it reinstall

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