I'm having some trouble with a network installation of Mandriva 2007 and I wondered if anyone had any ideas. I have a laptop with no OS or CD-ROM drive (and it doesn't seem to be able to boot from USB). It does have a floppy drive and I am able to use the network.img to select a network installaiton. However, my internet connection is not fast enough to do a network installation through a mirror. But I do have the ISOs for the 4 installation CDs for Mandriva 2007.

I have a second Windows XP only computer and I was able to setup FTP on my local network quite easily. However, I'm not sure how to do a loopback mounting and symlinks thing that seems necessary for the Mandriva installation. (If I just extract CD1's ISO image into the local FTP server through WinRar, during installation I get an error that saying that kernel modules were not found). All the guides, etc. related to this only talk about how to do through through a Linux OS, not through Windows.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.