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    Dual Booting Win XP Pro/ Slackware 9.1

    I decided I finally needed to try out Linux, so I bought a second IDE harddrive and installed Slackware on it. The computer I am using runs Windows XP pro right now, and can run linux using a boot disk, but I was wondering how I could go about getting the system to give me a menu.

    Sorry, you guys have probably answered this before, and I looked, but I know nothing about linux

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    Check this out:

    Post back with any specific areas you are having trouble with.
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    Well, I've played around with linux some more, and read your very informative tutorial, but i cannot, for the life of me, find lilo.conf.

    I tried the command dd if=/dev/hdb1 of=/mnt/floppy/linux.bin bs=512 count=1 to get the linux.bin file to create the dual boot system, but when i restart the computer with XP Pro it says nothing is on the disk (I have sucessfully formatted it, so it isn't a compatibility problem).

    I boot from a disk, so i'm assuming that the files i need are somewhere there, but I'll be damed if I can find them

    p.s. even with the troubles already, linux owns windows!

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    Not sure about slackwhere specifically, but lilo.conf is usaully found in /etc

    If it's not there, use the find command to find it:$181


    man find
    Good luck!
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