While setting up an experimental grub based multi boot system on a ATA100 disk using Ubuntu 6.06, WinXP, OpenSUSE10.2, and Vista, all worked fine off a grub floppy for weeks, then, upon placing this same drive in a removable rack, in a computer which already contained (2) SATA drives, the next time, booting, WinXP, nor Vista would not load.

I should clarify that I mistakenly let grub point to and open the wrong WinXp first. I then realized the menu.lst on grub floppy needed to be changed. I made the proper changes and still no go. Vista just hung and WinXP would attempt to load for 3 seconds, then give "Stop Error Plug N Play detected an error most likely a faulty driver."

I removed the rack and floppy drive, so I was back at the previous running setup of WinXP Pro on SATA OS drive (1) and data on SATA (2) drive. The old WinXP would not boot anymore. I figured no big deal, I'd just restore the MBR. I figured either Grub or my attempt to load with wrong OS at that location just messed up my MBR so I was going to restore it using WinXP's Recovery Console, only, now, I can't even access it... gives same error while booting WinXP CDR, tried many other different boot disks, same error (Stop Error stating that Plug N Play detected an error most likely a faulty driver.)

I now start thinking maybe the motherboard's SATA hardware failed, or it's drivers got corrupted, so I take the one disk (the data only disk) to another working computer and it gives the same exact Stop error in that computer!

Both original SATA drives Pass both SeaTools (Seagate's drive tests), yet both are not accessible, by Windows Recovery Console, nor other various Windows and Linux based boot disks. Bios and most boot disks can see each of the drives size correctly, but thats it. Gparted says file system is damaged on access attempt to both these disks.

Here is the worst of it.

I had just finished moving all my data to these (2) new SATA drives that were just setup. Now, with whatever happened, I can't access either of the (2) drives... of course the other (3rd) drive with the experimental multi-OS works fine!

What steps do I do now? Is there a way to determine which is corrupt, the file system, MBR, or both and what can I use to repair/recover?