Ive got knoppix 3.4. I wanna install it onto my 2nd hard drive (brand new). I partion 19.5gb ext3 in qtparted and 512mb swap.

I then run the install script using knoppix-installer (knx-hdinstall isnt supported).
The script runs fine, installs the files, everything looks dandy.

Then after copying the files, there appears an error in the Konsole regarding the lilo installtion:

"Warning the boot sector and and map file are on diferent disks
Added Linux*
Device 0*0800 : Incosistant partion table, 1st entry
FATAL : Either FIX-TABLE or IGNORE-TABLE, must be specifeid"


Obviusly, my PC just boots into windows, no mbr options.

Im a linux n00b, but wanna get started as soon as possible.

The ext3 partion is at the begining of the drive, so no problems there.

All the knoppix files are on the drive (2.88gb) so theres something wrong with the LILO.

Ive tried installing the LILO to the mbr and to the partion. Also tried an ext2 partion.

No such luck.