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    My installation seems to hang after "io schedular cfg request registered (Default)" The integrity of the CD checked with MP5 and the cd boots. It's just after I click install, it gets to that "io schedular..." and just stops. I waited about 15 minute to see if any change had been done. I'm trying to boot the Ubuntu Desktop 6.10 amd64 version. Am I supposed to be using the Alternate instead of the desktop? If you've got any ideas I'd be glad to hear it!

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    installing ubuntu

    either the alternate install amd64 or the i386 whichis less buggy. on the amd64 live put in cd and boot into safe graphics mode. see if it will install that way

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    No such luck. I don't know, because the integrity of the cd checks out ok. Could it possibly be the speed at which the ISO is being written? -About 32x- It still hangs out at "io scheduler cfg request registered (default)". The processor light doesn't come on, and it seems my DVD/CD drive just cuts out. Is there any other linux distribution I could try that's just as user friendly? I'll end up trying the Alternate CD most likely, and could I download the 32-bit version and run it with a 64 bit processor? I'd really love to use it to it's full potential.

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    i decided to continues on this thread instead of starting a new one. I enjoyed using breezy. I tried upgrading to dapper following the instructions available. i used the cd they had shipped. how ever my xwindow is screwed up now. i am not able to set up networking too. i tried making a clean install using the live cd.
    beore that i ran the media test which was good. however my m/c hangs on the 5th stage where it gathers partition info. i checked my hdd and it looks good. i used samsung and seagates utils to check. any idea wats happening

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