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    OK here is the deal, I am unable to see a thing when using Linux Redhat 9 visually. Even when i was installing the graphical installation type would not work. I was forced to install via linux text installation. I thought this might be refresh rate, but everything was correct. I just installed linux on my brand new computer (dell dimension 8300) but i am using my old monitor of which linux once worked on. Maybe it is gfx to monitor problem? I dunno. I have nVidia geForce fx 5200 vid card and kds visual sensation vs-7e.... help PLEASE!!!! O yeah, I cannot access the internet yet because I have not setup the ethernet card to go through my firewall and I do not know how with text mode of redhat!!!! man I am screwed

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    have a look at your XFree log and see if that gives you any clues :-

    cat /var/log/XFree.0.log | more
    or is it
    cat /var/log/XFree.log.0 | more
    sorry can't remember which way around the file name is.


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    Believe it or not I had this exact same problem! It appears RH9 doesn't like kds monitors (thats what I had too).. I attempted to resolve the problem - noting my x log stated that after a monitor probe the numbers returned for horiz. and vert. refresh rates are bogus. Even thou the probed numbers were exactly what my monitor manual said they should be!

    My solution was Fedora Core Release 2 - the installation took and detected the kds monitor w/ no trouble.

    Good Luck

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    What driver are you using?

    Set your video driver to "nv" then when you connect to the net, download the "nvidia" driver from

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