Best not to ask why. I have an imac. I have never used one of these before, I have NO clue as to the hardware in it so bear with me. There are several issues. First, we are using a brand new 80GB maxtor disk. The install(fdisk) picks it up as 512GB. Now since it's obviously not that big, there are many more blocks shown free than there are. Using all the shown blocks causes format to freeze on inode 594 every time. To circumvent this, I had to pick a value for the partition size in blocks that fell under 594 inodes(572 worked). ???. Now, trying to install the bootloader, it seems to use "second" at the boot loader. It doesn't write it fully, it creates one binary which segfaults off the bat. No MBR is written it seems. Trying to install base system, it seems to complete way too fast, I'm not sure which is getting installed and what isn't but I've seen some of the basic structure(/bin /boot .. etc). Different install media tested including net-installs from debian's site. My question. is there a trick to get this up and running? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Just found out ... it's a G3