Assume both partitions are equal in size
/dev/hda2 	none	swap	sw,pri=3	0	0
/dev/hdb2	                none        swap	sw,pri=3  0              0
Question 1.
Will this configuration:
A. create 2 identical swap partitions
B. split data (i.e for the same program) between the two
C. other

To help you understand my question (...this is what believe to be true):
In Case A, if both partitions were 100MB, then I would only have 100MB of combined swap space (because of the redundacy). But in Case B, I would have 200MB of combined swap space, because each consecutive byte (or respective data unit) would be on a different hard drive?

Question 2.
In either case, will this configuration cause one drive to seek while the other is being read?