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Thread: Which Distro?

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    Which Distro?

    Hello guys, I understand That a lot of noobs ask this question though I'd appreciate some help since my idea hasn't quite been discussed...
    SO: I have a fast internet connection, static IP and a router, All works and so does my site, My server has apache mysql php openssl etc.
    Though I no longer wan't ubuntu, I think I can handle a more advanced system.
    Now my question would be, which distrubution is right for me?
    1. I need this server for personal use also...
    2. Fast download speed for users(I have one of the fastest connections in my country)
    3. Something popular and with a lot of good software.
    4. A good server distro

    Why I can't buy a real server: I still live with my parents, I ow them quite some money cuz I bought a really expensive PC.

    thanks y'all appriciate any help.

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    Welcome to the forums, henkyy11

    Unfortunately, nobody here can tell you which distro will be the one that's best for you. The best one for you is always the one you like best, so the only way to know that is to try one or more distros, and make your own decision.

    Take a look at the link in my signature for lots of information on getting started with Linux.

    Above all, have fun with Linux!


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