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    Cant install Linux (lost interrupt...)

    Please help - cant get through the initial install process. Trying to install Mandrake 10.0 (although tried redhat before with similar result) from CD burned from ISO images -> Machine waits endlessly with 'lost interrupt' & 'timed out' and so on.
    I am trying to install to a blank freshly formatted 8.5G hard drive, Athlon2.5GHz PC with 128M ram (also cordless keyboard but sure this cant be related to kbeydev problem?):-
    Below is brief dialogue from the Kernel messages & logs during install - hda: max request size: 128KiB
    hda: lost interrupt
    hda: 16514664 sectors
    hda: lost interrupt …
    …<4> ide-cd:cmd 0x5a timed out
    <4> hdc: lost interrupt
    <4> hdc: ATAPI 52x CD-ROM CD-R/RW CD-MRW Cache UDMA(33)
    <6> Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision:3.20
    <4> had: lost interrupt
    <6> ide-cd:cmd 0x25 timed out
    <4> hdc: lost interrupt

    Viewing the logs…
    * have to insmod keybdev
    * needs kbeydev
    * file-not-found-in-archive keybdev.k (maybe you can try another boot floppy such as ‘hdcdrom_usb_img’)
    * warning insmod failed (keybdev (null)) (2)
    * AUTOMATIC: paramter cdrom for method means returning CDROM drive
    * have to insmod ide-cd
    * needs cdrom
    * ide-cd
    Thanks for reading - any suggestions welcome.

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    do you know if the hard disk is working? did you also set it up on the board properly? i suppose it is since its picking up on the disk drive.

    Try booting without ACPI. What distro are you using so i can try and guide you in a better of a direction on how to do this.

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    8.5 GB ...Brutal

    Use a different drive. That would seem to be the weak link
    Or at least TEST the install with a different drive if you can't commit one right now. At least then you'd know for sure.


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